How to Convert Any Mix,

Into A Professionally

Mastered Song...

Without Expensive Hardware!

Learn the Exact Steps to Master a Mix

From Scratch to a Polished Master!

After more than 20 years of experience in the Audio Production Business, I learned and documented what works in composing, producing, recording, mixing, and audio mastering.

But you are here, at this very moment, because you are interested in Audio Mastering.

Therefore, if you want to:

  • Learn what is Audio Mastering and how to approach it the right way;

  • Use the right Audio Mastering Mindset for the best results;

  • Discover what are the right tools and the step-by-step techniques you need for Audio Mastering;

  • Find out why some of your masters distort on some playback systems while your DAW shows no clipping;

  • Make your mixes, and any mixes you get for mastering - sound the best they can on different playback systems outside your studio...

... I invite you today to get the last step-by-step Audio Mastering Program you will ever need!

I know, Audio Mastering can be one of the most challenging stages in audio production, especially, if you don’t know what you don’t know.

You see, you can have the best audio plugins, converters, high-end monitoring systems, and so on, but if you don’t why, how, when, or if you should use them, you will continue searching through years of trials and errors, with little or no results.

You will continue to be frustrated that your masters sound great, but only in your headphones, or room, and not in the real world.

So, why then Audio Mastering appears like rocket science?

I believe that audio production history placed it in a behind-the-scenes dimension, and presented Audio Mastering, as one of those crafts where people tend to hide secrets from others.

Thus making Audio Mastering like a sort of black magic that only a few chosen ones are capable of using.

As a result, the majority of Audio Producers avoid mastering their mixes.


Because nowadays - there are two popular trends in the Audio Production Community.

The first one is the oldest, and for some reason, audio gurus and influencers are keeping it alive.

These trends sound something like this: 

“You should never master your production...” because “ need expensive software, monitors, cables and converters, calibrated rooms, etc...” and “you need a professional pair of ears of a mastering engineer...”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand and know for sure that this helps - but this should not stop you from mastering your audio production...

And the second trend is also the most recent, which goes something like this:

“Upload your mix to a cloud “intelligent software” and let it master your track in less than 3 clicks and 1 preset!”

I mean, come on...

With advice like this, no wonder audio producers avoid mastering their mixes. 

And when you hear the same thing over and over, you start believing it, especially if it comes from your favorite audio guru.

This way, audio mastering becomes - that “magical stage” that only the chosen ones could reach and use...

I confess...

I’m lucky in a way... because, when I began my audio production journey - my main concern was making tracks sound good. 

That’s it.

I didn’t know what was the meaning of mixing or mastering, and there were no audio production tutorials yet, back in 2007, when I began my own Audio Mastering Journey.

But what I did instead was - experimenting whenever I got the chance... 

My 2nd & 3rd Keyboard (2006)

The M-box 2 - in My First Home Studio (2007)

Later, after books, tutorials, and years of trials and errors - I finally discovered and documented what works.

And by the end of 2013, my production was released by a major label and I got featured in one of the most popular EDM magazines.

(By the way, I produced and mastered that song on a pair of Yamaha NS10 and also used HS50Ms…)

I was beyond excited to be featured in Dj MAG! - 2013


That moment proved 2 things for me:

1. Having audio software and hardware is great, but knowing HOW, WHEN, and WHY to use them - is crucial!

2. You can learn almost anything!

So, today I’m coming with, hopefully, a fresh message for you:

You can master your audio production with the tools you already got!

To prove this, I put together a step-by-step audio mastering program that will finally reveal the behind-the-scenes secrets that Pro Audio Mastering Engineers use.

I also use them for mastering my own production, and the ones I get from my clients.

But, why in the world would YOU want to learn Audio Mastering NOW?

If you are serious about audio production - you may ask yourself - why should I join your course now?

Well, take a look around... things are changing - day by day... - and as audio producers we are privileged to some extent.

As audio producers we can work with clients from all over the world - through the magic of the Internet.

Want another reason to determine why now is the right moment for learning Audio Mastering?

Even with the crazy times we’re living - the music industry is about to explode in the near future.

Don’t take my word for it - just read what Forbes (one of the most prestigious business magazines in the world) has to say in a recent article:

“[…]the global music industry’s value would more than double to nearly #131 billion by 2030. […]”

In another May, 2020 Forbes article, I read one very interesting thing.

There is mentioned one key important thing that I live by, for many years - and you should do yourself a favour and pay close attention to:

"[…] this period of change will produce two types of musicians:

the “Embraced” 


the “Impacted.”[…] 

The Embraced musician will create an opportunity out of what others deem a crisis.[…] 

The Impacted musician, however, will not fare as well. […]"

Now, my audio producer friend, you have to decide…

Do you want to be an Embraced or an Impacted musician... audio producer?

You decide...

... and heads up - no decision - is still a decision!

This is why I designed an Audio Mastering system specifically for:

Audio producers struggling to breakthrough.

Audio producers who want learn the exact step-by-step way of transforming any mix into a professionally sounding mastered song.

Audio producers who want to learn Audio Mastering.

Audio producers who want to stand out in the audio production niche.

And..., just to be clear - this program is not just another course that you may have taken!

This is for you if your are serious about audio production and want to use systems that work today.



Complete Audio Mastering Program - packed with essential step-by-step instructions and action based systems - designed for you to master each step of Audio Mastering, so that you can convert average mixes into finished HIGH-QUALITY MASTERS!!!


44+ Value Packed Step-by-Step Video Trainings - where you will access the behind the scene secret techniques - that you can instantly adapt to your own audio mastering.

Instant UNLIMITED ACCESS to the entire PRO Audio Mastering program, so that you can learn and apply what you learn - at your own pace.

In the 6 MODULES of the PRO Audio Mastering bootcamp - you will learn, step-by-step and put into action - basic and advanced techniques for Audio Mastering:




You will learn and master the essential theory of audio mastering in the digital domain.




You will learn about the tools you need for Audio Mastering and how to use them exactly.



You will learn basic and advanced techniques for Audio Mastering using different types of Equalizers.



You will learn simple and advanced compression techniques that you should use at the mastering stage.




You will master a mix from scratch, taking it through different strategic steps, up to the finished mastered version.




You will release and distribute your master to the world.

Here’s where you will identify the most efficient audio mastering techniques

and use a proven system

to transform your into a professional sounding master.

In case you’re on the fence and haven't decided yet to join the PRO Audio Mastering, let me tell you the exact scenarios that are about to happen.

First, you can return to your life and continue to do what you did - and... maybe in about 13 years (as it was my case) you will get your first major breakthrough (and that is in case you won’t be totally disappointed about audio production, and leave the audio domain completely.)

The question is why wouldn’t you want to accelerate that process and learn my new system that works, every time you apply it?!

The second scenario - you decide now to take control over the direction of your life and enroll in the PRO Audio Mastering!

Decide now to grow as an audio producer and learn the audio mastering skills that will help you master your own production, and why not - the ones of your clients.

If you enroll today in the PRO Audio Mastering - you will get access to the entire program and you can start improving your audio mastering game in the next minutes.

This step-by-step new system will help you in transforming your mixes into finished professional mastered songs. 

Then with the skills you will get from this program - if you decide, you can start offering audio mastering services.

Want more?

If you join today you will get access to the finished session I use in the program - that you can use for practicing mixing and mastering further.

Want even more?

You will have unlimited access to all future lessons of this PRO Audio Mastering program for absolutely free!

Now I want you to IMAGINE something…

Imagine that everyday you are waking up when you want and YOU decide what to do with your day.

You’re just The Master of Your Life.

Your Audio Production sounds better each day... song by song....

How that could impact your well being, your family life, your relationships?

Stop... and Imagine... for a second… - just open yourself for a tiny second of imagining what’s possible…

You see, everybody loves to talk about becoming a music composer, producer, beatmaker or about mixing and mastering music...

But rarely they want to take extra step and plan their actions strategically.

Even talented audio producers fail to bring their audio production business to the next level.

On the other hand, in the short audio tutorials that you may watch, you rarely can see - what a music producer, or a mastering engineer does day by day, when he or she is actually working on a project from start to the finished product.

This is why, a couple of years ago, before investing in another ultimate plugin or hardware - I took a step back and started investing in what really matters...

You have to identify one simple, but important key concept right at this very moment:

The Core Essential Power of YOUR Studio Is -


Excited to finally get my dream monitoring system!

The Audio System I Dreamt for Years - 2019


BONUS #1 - I will give you the 1 x Actual FINISHED Mastered Pro Tools Sessions, with the Mix + all the plugin settings I use for mastering it, so that you can use it further to practice Audio Mastering on other mixes.

BONUS #2 - Cheat Sheets, Key Points, Check Lists - that you can instantly use in your Audio Mastering. These will show you, every single time, the exact steps you need to take, no matter the stage you are at - in your audio mastering journey.

BONUS #3 - Private VIP Facebook Group Access - to get the clarity and support you need.

BONUS #4 - If you enroll now - you will have Unlimited Free Access to ALL FUTURE LESSONS AND AUDIO SESSIONS! As is the case with most of the domains - the Audio Production evolves and I will develop and update the PRO Audio Mastering as soon as I will feel - it needs to be done. I will add new bonuses to it at no extra-charge for you, because I want to always update it to be still, the best PRO Audio Mastering program that exists!

THE PRO Audio Mastering IS RIGHT FOR:

YOU - if you know how to use a DAW and want to learn Audio Mastering.

Home Studio Owners - who want their production to sound professional.

Beatmakers - who want to improve their audio mastering skills.

Audio Production Freshly Graduated Students - who want to work in the audio production business.

We all know the audio colleges or universities cover a lot of information, and one may be stuck in the theoretical field of things.

Enrolling in the PRO Audio Mastering program can help fill the gaps or uncertainties in order to solidify the skills foundation of an audio producer.

Audio Professionals who want to improve their audio mastering skills.

One Field Specialized Audio Engineers - who want to see an alternative to what their are doing at the moment and want to learn new skills.

Audio Producers - who want to convert mixes into finished mastered songs.

Audio Producers - who are not satisfied with the mastering services they tried and want to do it themselves.

Audio Producers - who want to start their own audio production business - offering audio mastering services.

If you are not sure you belong in any of the above mentioned groups - and you are still in doubt if the PRO Audio Mastering is right for you - contact me - and we'll figure out together.

I won't encourage you to enroll if it doesn't fit your needs.


I know that enrolling in an online course may be haunting - but I made this easy and risk-free for you.

In case you are not satisfied with the PRO Audio Mastering - you can demand a refund in the FIRST 30-days after you bought the program - and you'll get your money back.

Furthermore, if you will keep your mind open for learning, and practice what I am teaching you in the PRO Audio Mastering - you will be able by the end of the program - to transform mixes into Finished Mastered Products.

BUT, remember - if you will just watch the PRO Audio Mastering and never take action or apply the techniques showed in the program - you WON'T be able to get your audio mastering skills to the next level, or the results you want.

However, if you will apply these techniques, watch all lessons, follow all presented steps and you still won't get any results - you can demand a refund within 30 days from your purchase and I'll give you the money back.

I’m that confident the PRO Audio Mastering system works - for me and other audio producers.

So, if you think about it there is no risk for you - only benefits ;)


If you got to this part and didn’t enroll yet, you may still wonder -

“Adrian, how much is MY investment??"

The PRO Audio Mastering IS NOT another $9 audio course you enroll in and forget about it.

I designed PRO Audio Mastering for serious audio producers only.


This Is NOT for Everyone!!!

If you are serious about audio production and you are committed to take control of the direction of your life, living your life on your terms - the investment that you will make today will get you results in the near future - only if you decide so.

Ask yourself:

How much would I invest in ME, to finally make my audio production sound professional?

How much would I invest into implementing the step-by-step techniques that I could use to transform a mix into a professional master?

How much would I invest for putting a stop waisting time on endless tutorials and use techniques that actually work?

The answers you will get - will decide your immediate future...

Let’s Quickly Recap What You Get in the PRO Audio Mastering - if You Invest in Yourself NOW:

6 x Core AUDIO PRODUCTION Training Modules ($999 value)

44+ x Value Packed Step-by-Step Video Trainings

Instant UNLIMITED access to the entire PRO Audio Mastering program.


BONUS #1 - 1 x Actual FINISHED PRO TOOLS SESSIONS ($1000 value)

BONUS #2 - Cheat Sheets, Templates, Handouts, Key Points ($47 value)



And that’s over $2000 crazy value!

Usually the PRO AUDIO MASTERING program is only $497.

However, because I’m dedicated to audio production and want to make the PRO AUDIO MASTERING program accessible to as many Ambitious Audio Producers as possible - I’ll take today $400 off the usual price and you could get all the amazing value of the PRO AUDIO MASTERING program at just $97 investment price.

PRO Audio Mastering

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Audio Mastering!

  • 2-Week Complete Audio Mastering Program
  • Facebook Private Group Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Access
  • PRO Audio Mastering Program
  • 1 x Downloadable Session
  • 4+ Hours HD Video Trainings

(Just $97* Today)

*All prices are in USD + TAX where applicable

Now ask yourself:

How could I take 100% responsibility of my life and make this investment happen?

You decide what’s going to be next...

Now, let's be honest here...

You can learn this stuff in another place or, on your own as I did - and it would take you from 1 to 10 years to achieve great results, depending on your dedication.

But don't forget that you will have to pay for that, essentially, with two currencies...

...TIME or MONEY...

What you need to keep in mind is that you can make more money, while you cannot make a single second of time.

And I hope you realize that time is a precious commodity - why wouldn't you want to get results faster than years spent on guessing what to do?!

So, let's not waste time and TAKE ACTION!

What are you waiting for?

Join the PRO Audio Mastering, start growing as an audio producer and make your audio production sound as you always wanted.

Enroll NOW and I’ll see you on the other side!!!

About Adrian Milea


Helps Audio Producers to Transform their Passion into Profitable Businesses

Works in Audio Production Since Early 2000s

One of the Finalists of the First Academy of Electronic Music

Featured in DJ Mag

Loves a Good Steak, Sushi and Dark Chocolate

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the PRO Audio Mastering works?

The PRO Audio Mastering is a proven system for serious audio producers, which presents the entire picture of transforming any mix into a professionally sounding master.

I don’t know anything about audio production.

Can I still join?

YES and NO:

YES - if you know how to use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW - like Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Cubase, etc.)

NO - if you don't know how to use a Digital Audio Workstation.

Who should enroll in the PRO Audio Mastering?

You should enroll in this program ONLY if you are committed to learn Audio Mastering.

How long do I have to complete the course?

The PRO Audio Mastering is designed to be consumed in about 2 weeks, at your own pace, but, you will have unlimited time access.

You decide when to complete it.

For the best results however, your goal should be applying what you learn.

Is there any guarantee?

The PRO Audio Mastering is backed by my full 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

I don’t want unhappy students in my programs.

In case you apply what you learn in the program and follow the exact needed steps, and you still feel the program is not right for you - ask me for a refund in the first 30 days after your purchase, and I’ll give you a full refund.

Is there any support if I get stuck at any point?

Yes. You have email support and Facebook Group Support.

What happens after I enroll, are there any extra fees?

No. After you enroll in the PRO Audio Mastering - there won’t be any other fees.

You will get access to future lessons of the program at no extra cost.

Does my location matter?

No. If you have access to the Internet - you can access the PRO Audio Mastering.

What do I need for this program to work?

You need a Digital Audio Workstation - DAW - and lots of commitment and dedication to apply what you learn and grow.

Do I need to buy extra audio plugins?

No. You can use the plugins you got.

Do I have to buy any other services?


Do I have to know Music Theory?


Do I have to love audio production and want to change my life for the better?


If you still got questions before enrolling - contact me at: adrian @

I'm waiting for you on the other side!

Until I see you inside PRO Audio Mastering...


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