How To Transform Your

Audio Production Passion

Into YOUR Business...

Without Music Theory!

Learn The Exact Steps You Need To Design & Build An Audio Business...

So That You Can Finally Enjoy Producing, Mixing Or Mastering Music!

There are 2 main reasons you are here reading this:

1.You want to learn how to produce music or improve your audio production, mixing or mastering skills.

2.You want to start your own audio production business the right way.

If you're here for the reason #1 or #2, or both - let me assure you that you are in the right place!

When you begin your journey - Audio Production seems like a mythical place.

It feels like - only the chosen ones know the exact stages and techniques needed - for transforming a song idea into a professional sounding mix or master.

And soon enough, you start believing that You should NOT mix or master your audio production.


Because your favorite influencers and audio gurus are saying that... “you have to send your audio production to professional mixing and mastering engineers...,” who have expensive equipment, big studios + unicorn ears and angels like hearing 😂

And in case you don't like this option - audio gurus have another one:

They tell you to use some "ultimate online mastering software..." which knows better than you - how your audio production should sound!

And all this information makes you go all over the place...

Confused, you start believing that you have to buy expensive audio plugins and hardware equipment, or some magic software - so that your audio production could finally sound professional...

Then, after trials and errors, you get sick and tired of chasing and buying shiny plugins, with your hard earned money.

And that is until the next "ultimate" plugin appears on the market, and you start all over again.

Then... you get to next stage...

At the moment of buying that "ultimate plugin," even before hitting that "BUY" button, you know that - after "the 2-week honeymoon phase" will pass, you will forget that ultimate plugin ... your expensive pile of unused plugins!!

Now you may wonder - how do I know this?

Well, this happened to me and to many clients I worked with so far.

You see, at the beginning - I spent endless hours on video tutorials.

I got most of the plugins audio gurus recommended - but my audio production seemed to stay at the same level or get even worse.

Then, after some time, when I finally found what's working - I upgraded my audio skills and I got my first clients!

That was the time when I understood that - the tools you are using are important, but the way you use them - is crucial.

Next, I was promoting my audio production services (that I knew I was good at) on groups and forums, just to get low quality clients, who wanted my high-quality masters at $20 + unlimited reviews.

Meanwhile, my competition were getting the best clients and it seemed they never worked, but were bringing more income - every single day.

Of course, I wondered - how that guy who I knew for some time - moved from being just like me - to having a successful audio production business, never lacking clients!?!!

On the other hand, there were the bills... which I couldn't cover with my audio production revenue... and, I was tired of going each day to my job... and my 2-3 hours-commute...

And when I was there - every day... every hour... every single minute of that joyless job...

... I was daydreaming of my audio production business and what I would do and how my life would be different.

I felt in my bones that...

...Life Is More Than a 9 to 5 Joyless Job!

(...which most of the time actually translates to 5 AMs to 9 PM+s.)

In My Home Studio (2006)

The M-box 2 - in My First Home Studio (2007)

Yes... I've been there...

... and if you find yourself in any of these scenarios and you are Absolutely DONE with little or no success in your audio production journey - YOU came to the right place!

If you're like me, you're working hard for your dreams!

I'm seriously focused and dedicated when it comes to work.

However, with all that, I was a struggling audio producer who knew what he wanted, but didn't know the path to be taken.

Then, where or who was the problem?! you may ask...

The problem was - ME!

I didn't know what I was doing... I was working hard, but NOT in the right direction...

...and there was no one to guide me...

Only after doing things differently - things started to change... and I was FINALLY getting the results I always wanted!!!


Because you cannot expect different or better results if you're acting the same.

Most of the times, new levels of success need upgraded versions of YOU!

In my case, after tons of trials and errors - I documented and put in place a SYSTEM that brought me the results I knew I should get.

Then something great happened!

In just 2 months of applying my SYSTEM strategically - I was selected as one of the finalists of the first Academy of Electronic Music and was featured in Dj MAG, back in 2013.

I was beyond excited to be featured in Dj MAG! - 2013


But why in the world would YOU want to be

an Audio Producer at this time?

According to Forbes (which is a famous "global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle"),

“[…]the global music industry’s value would more than double to nearly $131 billion by 2030.”

I’m not claiming anything here - this is concluded by people specialized in those kind of predictions.

And... I don’t know about you - but I believe the Audio Production Business is here to stay!

NOW - it is the right time for sharpening our pencils and ears - and take this opportunity!!!😎

What is certain is that - in order to achieve those predicted numbers there will be a BIG DEMAND for:



Lyrics writers

Audio Producers

Mixing Engineers

Recording Engineers

Mastering Engineers, etc.

If you treated your audio production so far - just like another hobby - I hope you realize now that -


... and I’m about to show you how.

In the next couple of paragraphs - I'm going to present you - the step-by-step system I designed for Audio Producers who want to improve their audio production, mixing or mastering skills & build their own audio production business!

You see, everybody loves to talk about becoming a music composer, producer, beatmaker or about mixing and mastering music...

But rarely they want to take the extra steps and plan their actions strategically.

Even talented audio producers fail to bring their audio production business to the next level.

On the other hand, if you do take the extra steps - in the short audio tutorials that you may watch, you rarely can see - what a music producer is doing day by day, when he or she's actually working on a project from start to the finished product.

This is why, a couple of years ago before investing in another ultimate plugin or hardware - I took a step back and started investing in what really matters...

What is that you ask?

To answer that - you have to identify one simple, but important key concept right at this very moment:

The Core Essential Power of YOUR Studio Is -


This is why it is crucial to Invest In YOU first, then in your studio!

Now, let me show you how to improve and transform your audio production passion, into a business... without music theory!



YOU - if you want to learn Audio Production or start your own audio production business on the side.

Home Studio Owners - who want their production to sound professional.

Beatmakers - who want to improve their composing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering skills and start selling their audio beats online.

Audio Production Freshly Graduated Students - who want to work in the audio production business.

We all know the audio colleges or universities cover a lot of information, and one may be stuck in the theoretical field of things.

Enrolling in the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY can help fill the gaps or uncertainties in order to solidify the skills foundation of an audio producer.

Audio Professionals who want to improve their audio production skills and start their own business.

One Field Specialized Audio Engineers - who want to see an alternative to what their are doing at the moment and want to learn new skills.

Audio Producers - who want to produce a song from start to a finished mastered song.

Audio Producers - who are not satisfied with the mixing and mastering services they tried and want to do it themselves.

Audio Producers - who want to start their own audio production business - offering composing, producing, mixing, or mastering services.

If you are not sure you belong in any of the above mentioned groups - and you are still in doubt if the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY is right for you - contact me at:

adrian [@] 

- and we'll figure out if it is right for you.

I won't encourage you to enroll if the program doesn't fit your needs.

HEADS UP #1!!!

THIS IS NOT just another audio production course that you may have taken!



- who want to learn or improve their audio production skills, start & build

Their Audio Production Business.

It doesn't matter if you are producing hip-hop, pop, EDM, etc. - the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY will help you improve your actual audio skills and acquire new, necessary ones.

I bet you will change your mindset and realize that - your production can sound professional too and your friends will start wondering - when did you get so good at this?!

The AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY shows you the exact steps you have to take from having an idea for a song to strategically designing & building YOUR OWN online audio production business.

Excited to finally get my dream monitoring system!

The Audio System I Dreamt for Years - 2019


In the first 7 MODULES of the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY - you will learn, step-by-step and put into action - basic and advanced techniques for:



You will use strategies for finding song ideas and efficient ways to write lyrics.



You will identify and use basic and advanced ways for music production.



You will learn the exact steps for recording vocals, samples and instruments.



You will learn exactly how to edit audio and tune vocal tracks.



You will experiment with the exact techniques you need to apply for your audio mixing.



You will demystify and apply strategic ways to master different music genres.

Here’s where you will identify the most efficient audio production,

mixing and mastering techniques and use a proven system

to transform your song ideas into professional sounding masters.

In the next 3 MODULES of the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY - I’m going to help you strategically plan - the next steps you need to take after you mastered the audio production stages.

Here’s where you will learn the exact BLUEPRINT you need to:

Build Your Own Brand

You will learn about the free and easy ways to build your own brand.

Research Your Market & Identify Your Avatar

You will experiment the proper way to research and identify your market.

Design & Create Your Offer + Build Your Business Funnel

You will identify the exact offer you need to create, to match your market's needs.

After you enroll in the Audio Business Academy you get access to:

7 x Core AUDIO PRODUCTION Training Modules - packed with essential step-by-step instructions and action based systems - designed for you to master each step of audio production, from a song idea to finished HIGH-QUALITY MASTERS!!!


3 x Core BRANDING & MARKETING Training Modules - which will transform your idea of business building completely and help you in designing and building your own audio production business... so that you could have an advantage over your competition and create clients on demand!

150+ x Value Packed Step-by-Step Video Trainings - where you will access the behind the scene secret techniques - that you can instantly adapt to your own audio production and business.

Instant UNLIMITED ACCESS to the entire AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY program, so that you may learn and apply what you learn - at your own pace.


BONUS #1 - I will give you the 2 x Actual FINISHED Pro Tools Sessions, with all the MIDI and AUDIO TRACKS + all the plugin settings I use in my trainings and sessions, that you can use further to practice audio production, mixing and mastering.

BONUS #2 - For the first time ever in the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY you will have access to my IN-DEPTH MARKETING MODULE🔥 where you will learn the exact steps for:

Marketing Your Offers and Scaling Your Business.

BONUS #3 - 20+ Cheat Sheets, Templates, Handouts, Key Points - that you can instantly use in your audio production and business building. These will show you, every single time, the exact steps you need to take, no matter the stage you are at - in your audio production business journey.

BONUS #4 - Private VIP Facebook Group Access - to get the clarity and support you need.

BONUS #5 - If you enroll now - you will have Unlimited Free Access to ALL FUTURE LESSONS AND AUDIO SESSIONS! As is the case with most of the domains - the Audio Production evolves and I will develop and update the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY as soon as I will feel - it needs to be done. I will add new bonuses to it at no extra-charge for you, because I want to always update it to be still the best Audio Production Program that exists!


THE AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY - is NOT FOR YOU - if you are searching for a get rich quick scheme.

In order for the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY to work - you have to be ready to put the necessary work.

The AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY is NOT designed for learning only.

I designed the program strategically and specifically for audio producers who are serious about IMPROVING their audio production skills or want to start their audio production business.


I know that enrolling in an online course may be haunting - but I made this easy and risk-free for you because - if you are not satisfied with the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY - you can demand a refund in the FIRST 30-days after you bought the program - and you'll get your money back.

I’m that confident the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY system works.


If you got to this part and didn’t enroll yet, you may still wonder -

“Adrian, how much is MY investment??"

The AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY IS NOT another $9 audio course you enroll in and forget about it.

I designed the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY for ambitious audio producers only.


This Is NOT for Everyone!!!

If you are serious about audio production and you are committed to take control of the direction of your life, living it on your terms - the investment that you will make today will get you results in the near future - only if you decide so.

Now, ask yourself:

How much would I invest in ME, to improve my audio production, mixing and mastering skills?

How much would I invest into starting MY OWN business and start working for myself and be my own boss?

How much would I invest for putting a stop to hours of commute to a joyless job?

How much would I invest in ME to live MY Life on MY Own Terms?

The answers you will get to these questions - will decide your near future...

Let’s Quickly Recap What You Get in the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY

if You Invest in Yourself NOW:

7 x Core AUDIO PRODUCTION Training Modules ($1999 value)

3 x Core BRANDING & MARKETING Training Modules ($497 value)

150+ x Value Packed Step-by-Step Video Trainings

Instant UNLIMITED access to the entire AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY program.


BONUS #1 - 2 x Actual FINISHED PRO TOOLS SESSIONS ($2000 value)


BONUS #3 - 20+ Cheat Sheets, Templates, Handouts, Key Points ($497 value)



And that’s over $5000 crazy value!

($5490 to be exact!)

Usually the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY is only $1997.

However, because I’m dedicated to audio production and want to make the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY accessible to as many Ambitious Audio Producers as possible - I’ll take today more than $1000 off the usual price and you could get today all the amazing value of the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY System at just $19.99/month* investment price.

Audio Business Academy

Learn how to produce a song from an idea to a polished master & start your audio business.

  • Complete Audio Production Program (Composing, Songwriting, Recording, Producing, Mixing & Mastering)

  • Facebook Private Group Support

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Unlimited Access

  • Music Production Masterclass

  • Music Production Masterclass 2.0

  • 20+ Hours HD Video

  • 2 x Downloadable Sessions

  • Marketing Training

  • Branding Training

(Just $19.99/month*)

*All prices are in USD + TAX where applicable.

Now, let's be honest here...

You can learn this stuff in another place or, on your own as I did - and it would take you from 1 to 10 years to achieve great results, depending on your dedication.

But don't forget that you will have to pay for that, essentially, with two currencies...

...TIME or MONEY...

What you need to keep in mind is that you can make more money, while you cannot make a single second of time.

And I hope you realize that time is a precious commodity - why wouldn't you want to get results faster than years spent on guessing what to do?!

So, let's not waste time and TAKE ACTION!

What are you waiting for?

Join the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY and start growing as an audio producer and build your own professional audio business.

Enroll NOW and I’ll see you on the other side!!!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Is This A Monthly Subscription?


At the moment, you can enroll in the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY with only $19.99/month + Tax where applicable.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription simply by sending an email to: adrian @ - mentioning that you want to cancel your subscription to the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY.

What's the difference between the MUSIC PRODUCTION MASTERCLASS and the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY?

The MUSIC PRODUCTION MASTERCLASS is designed for audio producers who want to learn how to produce a song from an idea to a finished master.



No. You can purchase PRO AUDIO MASTERING program separately.


The AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY is a proven system for serious audio producers.

While there are other audio production courses on the market - this is the first program to show you the entire picture.

By enrolling in the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY you can learn audio production and start designing and building your audio production business.

I don’t know anything about audio production.

Can I still join?

No - if you don't own a DAW and don't know how to use one.

YES - IF you at least know how to use a Digital Audio Workstation - DAW (Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, FL Studio, etc.)

The AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY takes you through all the stages of audio production - from finding an idea up to a finished mastered song.

You will also learn to identify your offer for the audio production market, promote it, and so much more.

Who should enroll in the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY?

You should enroll in this program ONLY if you are committed to learn audio production or you want to start your audio production business.

When does the AUDIO BUSINESS ACADEMY begin?